Aishah Ansari

Wrong Turn, Right Place

October 7, 2015

Wrong Turn, Right Place 
When I traveled down that road, 
I moved away from home
To a new city that was a dream. 
I was excited and ready for a change. 
New city,  new apartment,  new friends, new University, a new life, a new me. 
I was ready for a change, but not all of them. 
A year ago today, I was on that road, less traveled, 
barely traveled in my opinion. 
I was lost.
What path did I take? Was I supposed to turn right when I turned left? 
But I don't want to go back, that wasn't on the map. It wasn't in the plan. 
I had taken a wrong turn,
then had to detour
I had to withdraw for the  betterment of my health and future. 
This detour made me feel even more lost, 
alone, scared. 
Why didn't I just follow the map? 
​I was ​angry. I was upset. I was hurt. 
I was lost. ​
I no longer had a road to travel on. 
But little did I no, the wrong turn would lead me to ​me to another road.​. 
It would lead me to a road I didn't eve know existed. 
It would lead me to a road that is never ending,
A road that there is no wrong turn, or detours, or going back. 
This road is full of nothing but stops for success, 
And the best part, I continue to travel on this road and pave my own way. 
I get to decide if I turn left or right, and this time a wrong turn only leads me to the right place.

©Aishah Ansari Photography
Coincidentally enough, this from the first road I took, literally..
when I was exploring the University campus.
Oh, the irony. 

Day 7 of #OctPoWriMo
Prompt: The road less traveled...


xo Aishah Ansari


  1. We used similar terminology in our poems. No doubt many of us did. And what's not to like about taking what seems like a wrong turn, not turning back and continuing toward fulfillment. Nicely done!

    1. Yes, I feel many of us did use the prompt in that way. Exactly! Life is a journey, as they say! It's how we travel on this journey that matters!


  2. You describe this angst in life so well. I relate!

    1. Carol, that means SO much to me, really it does!! Thank You!


  3. Such a good description of that time in your 20s when the road isn't as certain as it seemed to be.

    1. Thank you e Tamara, i'm glad you can see the point of view I am coming from.



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