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Kendra Scott Color Bar

June 14, 2016

This past January, I finally joined the Kendra Scott Family. No, not working for them (although if I did, they could just keep my paycheck)- but finally having my own pair of the earrings! As you know I am very much so into jewelry, how it's made, the stones. And like my rings, I like being able to personalize it to my own liking. So rewind to January-which was still Winter Break for me, I met up with my dear friend Jamie for brunch in City Centre at Sweet Paris. She was wearing a pair of beautiful Kendra Scott earrings, and she then told me that during your birthday month you get 50% off your purchase! *gasp, what?! How did I not have this information?!* Conveniently, there is a Kendra Scott in City Centre. So, after brunching on delicious savory crepes, off we went to Kendra Scott. I was in awe. It was gorgeous, the different hues, the gems, and rocks, stones, etc. I felt overwheledm, should I get something simple? Everyday wear? Silver? Gold? Cougar Red? Black? The choices are endless. Literally. But then I realized I never really had a  nice pair of 'everyday' gold earrings. I spotted what was a bit of a more new design, the Skylar earrings, a mix of their rounded and most-known arrow shape. I spotted the ivory mother pearl. I know I wanted something that would go with everything. So it was done. I purchased the Skylar Earrings in 14K Gold plated over Brass with Pearl . Aren't they gorgeous?!
Think this is the end of story? Well, no it's not. 

Skylar Earrings in 14K Gold over Brass with Ivory Pearl

That following weekend, my birthday weekend, my dad agreed to get me something that I personally wanted. Now if you remember my dad has a keen eye for real stones, and materials when it comes to jewelry. We went to the store, and I knew I wanted a pair of silver earrings, that would go on basically everything. But I didn't want the same stone I already had. So, over my dad went to the Color Bar. He told me about their rose quartz, it was gorgeous- but too pink for my liking. This is where I realized I could pick my own! (Rose Quartz is one of the few natural stones that Kendra Scott carries). I picked my two stones making sure they matched, shape wise, color, striations, etc. I wanted them to be perfect! And they are. The more pink I wear, the more pink they look, but because of the clarity of it, it almost looks clear, but not to the point that they're not noticeable. I took home with me the Danielle Drop Earrings in a Rhodium Silhouette with Rose Quartz. 
Danielle Drop in Rhodium with custom picked Rose Quartz.
I love the idea of the Color Bar. I know they have it online too, but I don't know how I feel of custom picking online-- maybe because each stone has different hues, and when ordering online- you never know! 


xo Aishah Ansari

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