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Ramadan: Reflect, Repent, God has Sent

June 6, 2016

Moon Rise in Ontario, CA.
Minor hue edits, but that Moon is Real!
© Aishah Ansari Photography
Ramadan: Reflect, Repent, God has Sent 
The blessed ninth month is upon us
It is during times like this, I must learn to trust.
Trust that He, the Almighty has a plan,
He has written the unwritten,
Seen the Unseen,
and is the Knower of the Unknown.
For He knows, and I know not. 
So, I will take this time to reflect,
how has all this time has been spent?
Then, repent
because I can help with the effect. 
It is time to learn from the mistakes made,
and remember, that He is the one who has always stayed.
During this blessed month, I pray,
May He grant me strength and patience, I pray,
that He accepts my fasts, prayers, and forgiveness.
This does not make me any less.
For it was during this month the Holy Book was sent.
In it lies all the answers and guidance
Once it's read, all makes sense.
It is time to worship,
and work on every relationship.
It is Ramadan,
 this month oh so auspicious , 
every moment so precious,
In a matter of days, we will ask where has the time went?
Ramadan, one of the most beautiful times to reflect and repent.
For God has sent.

Ramadan Mubarak to all my dear loved ones. May Allah SWT bless you and your family during this month, and year-round. May He accept all your fasts and prayers. If I have done anything wrong to hurt you, please reach out to me, and allow me the chance to seek your forgiveness. May He grant us all peace, strength, patience, good health, and happiness, and success, Insha'Allah. Ameen.Sending lots of love & prayers your way. Ramadan Mubarak!


xo Aishah Ansari

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