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I Stand with the World

July 4, 2016

Happy 4th of July!
First and foremost- Happy 4th of July! I hope you have a great day of celebrating!  Today is the day the U.S. gained it's independence, and I sure am blessed and proud to be an American! My neighbors have already started their 4th of Juy fireworks- yes, at 1a.m., and they look beautiful. But, when I look at what we are taught, and then reflect on these past few days, my heart is heavy say the least. We are one nation, we stand as one- but right now we need to stand with the world- something we haven't been doing in its entirety.

It happened in Turkey, at one of the most popular and busiest airports that many walked in. A tragedy that devastated people across the world. This  prompted many to change their Facebook profile pictures to the Turkish flag in solidarity. Next, in Dhakha, a hometown to many Americans, was targeted as many worrisome hours went by of people being held hostage in a popular café. The world was in a state of panic. People were constantly positing updates and articles to show their support. Then, Baghdad - the place that has sadly been known to many tragedies since 2003..and- nothing. No trending hash tags, no Facebook profile pictures showing the Iraqi flag, no newspapers that had the front page with the names of victims or any detailed information for that matter. Sadly, the concern has been barely visible. If we have stood for Paris, Orlando, Turkey and Dhakha to name a few, why not the place that has had the reported deadliest attacks in days? If there have been vigils and celebrities writing about their support and sympathy for those grieving, lives lost and destroyed, why not the same response to what happened in Baghdad? It certainly has raised a lot of questions and conerns for me. Where is the unity that we have shown for other places?

This morning the streets of Baghdad were full of life as people began their days and now there is silence. Just as we have stood with Paris, Orlando, Turkey, and Dhakha, in light of recent events, we must to stand with Baghdad and any other place in the world that needs support. As shootings and numerous horrifying incident are occurring within my own community, I would like the support of people from all over the world. If we want to send the message to world we are one, then we must always unite as one in times of loss for everyone around the world. Don't turn your cheek in the name of a tragedy. Every place is important and each life lost is as valuable as the one before it. This is not to belittle or undermine any of the other tragedies but rather shed light on one{s} that need{s} it.

As I have said before, my dear loved ones, wherever you are please be vigilant and cautious of your surroundings. Whether you're at a store, driving, attending your place of worship, etc. Please be careful and be safe❤️
#IStandwiththeWorld #PrayforEveryone

xo Aishah Ansari

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