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Review: Essie Gel Top Coat

August 12, 2016

Finding a good top coat can vbe tricky. Some topcoats are streaky, turn your nail polish matte {even when not intended}, change the color of your nail polish, and well many more. The most important is that it still ends up chipping the same day and doesn't give the glossy finish we all typically want {at least I know I do}. Insert : Essie Gel Top Coat : I was hesitant to try another gel top coat. It is money after all, after trying the Seche Vite Dry Fast Top Coat along with Gelous Nail Polish   I was skeptical. Sure this worked, but it took to much time to layer gel, then polish, then gel, etc.

 After reading reviews and now having an ever so growing collection of Essie colors, I thought I would give it a try. You guys, this top coat is my holy grail. No joke. I have used this typically with Essie polishes. I don't have the most steady hand, but after a nice coat of the gel top coat, it looks like I got my nails done. Yeah, I'm being serious. My nails look nice, and they LAST! If I need to touch up {typically just at the very tip of my nail.} I can touch up, and finish with the top coat and it just blends everything together. It doesn't look like a separate coat or anything, it perfectly blends. People always think I have gotten my nails done but I haven't. I have actually only had my nails done twice. And the second time it was just for trim and the cuticle cleaning. {It was actually a trick to get my best friend to get shellac on her nails since she was getting proposed to in Cabo!}

Here is when I did her nails after buying the Essie Top Coat. I mean why not pose for cute nail pictures along with a Starbucks cup?!

Essie in Limo-Scene with Essie Gel Top Coat

When my bestie came back from Cabo, I did my her nails and she picked out one of my personal favorites from my collection, Wired by Sephora OPI. It's the perfect pinky-coral for the summer and I added a glitter accent nail on her ring finger using Essie h'our'devoures. Her nails lasted over 2 weeks! She ended up having to take it off herself, which is what I have to do too!

I love the top coat, and am so happy that it works with other brands, obviously it does work best with Essie and OPI {from my experience, so far}. I recently used a L'Oreal nail polish, and it worked just as good!

Essie in Ladylike with Essie Gel Top Coat

xo Aishah Ansari

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