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Back to School Essentials: College Edition

September 26, 2016

It's been a little less than a month that school has been in session, but it feels like longer. There are some staples that I have in my everyday life that I try to make sure it's functional for work, school, evenings out, etc. And then there are things I repurcahse yearly or at the start of each semester. Check out my Back to School Essentials: College Edition. From handbags to erasers and everything in between.

Key Pieces
My key pieces include this Kate Spade bag, I have one super-duper similar, but it's more rectangle than square. I have a wallet that the inside is similar to the one below as well. The ones pictured {above} are from the Cedar Street Collection from the Kate Spade website. Granted, mine is from March! Headphones, are just a necessity for me. Whether it's talking on the phone, or talking a Netflix break - I always have a pair of headphones on me. I specifically love these Samsung Headphones with a speaker. Lucky for me, they came with my phone! My laptop is one that I have had for a few years now, it's the Toshiba E45t-A4300, all around it's a great laptop, in my opinion.

So, let's talk actual school supplies. Remember going to Walmart and buying Lisa Frank printed #2 pencils? The glittery ones? Buying a pack of colored pencils even though you still had yours from the year before? Well, college essentials for me are quite different believe it or not.Being in college, I personally do have things I repurcahse or make sure I have enough of at the start of each semester. Most of my purchases were made via Amazon, thank the Lord from Amazon Prime! This made my back-to-school shopping quick, easy, and I'm sure I even saved a dollar here and there. Take a look at my personal must-haves as a working, senior business student!

External Hard Drive
I purchased an external hard drive for a few reasons. One, my laptop has been lagging a bit and I want to be able to back everything up. Also, being a photographer I always need a back up copy of all my work. I wanted something that I could put into my laptop case if needed. So, after reading reviews online, I purcahsed the Seagate Expansion 1TB Portable External Hard Drive.

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I purcahse a new planner every year, that way it lasts me two semesters! Last year I purcahsed this cute little planner, and the golden polka dots had reminded me Kate Spade Designs, and into my shopping cart it went! I bought this one from Target. Here it is in a 2017 version!
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Pens & Pencils
I like fine tip pens. End of story. My go-to for a few years have been Sharpie Pens. I prefer the retracatable ones when writing every day, and the beautiful colors they come in help me stay in organized. While I still have these, and another pack. I purchased the Staedtler Triplus Fineliner Pens 0.3mm in 20 assorted colors. After writing with these, I bought another pack that had 3 black and 3 blue. Because I like fine-tip pen, I also bought the Pilot Precise V5 RT Retractable Rolling Ball Pens. I bought the standard pack that comes with Black, Blue, Green, and Red and another pack of 2 black and 2 blue. My cousin suggested that I just buy ink refills, because it's cheaper..and it is! For pencils, I stick to mechanical pencils. I do not remember the last time I bought or used a regular pencil to be completely honest! I have a pack of the standard BIC #2 mechanical pencials that come in an array of colors, plus they are sparkly. Luckily, I have enough to last me the semester, becaue I purcahsed a pack of them from Target last semester.

{image via // image via // image via

The reason I bought the Stadtler pens is because since high school, the magical white eraser has been something I use all the time. It is by far the best eraser I have used...ever. I ordered them, and surprinsgly they came in a plastic flip-case instead of the usual thin paper that the eraser is wrapped in. 

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xo Aishah Ansari

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