Aishah Ansari

Stand Still

October 1, 2016

It's October! Which means fall is here, {well near, because where I live in Texas we barely get fall}, plenty of Pumpkin Spice Lattes, bold pretty lip colors, scarves and cute boots! And of course it's poetry wrting month! As many of you know, I've participated in October Poetry Writing Month {#OctPoWriMo} for three years now, where I write 31 poems in 31 days! Exciting right? Well let's get started!

Day 1
Prompt: Time/Stood Still
Type: Shape Poetry
Stand Still

Time, in that moment had stopped.
All my hopes dropped.
The world was no longer turning,
The sun wasn't setting,
and there was no moon sighting.
My mind was racing,
My heart was still beating,
and my tears were trickling.
Yet, even I, stood still.
I had a decision to
I had to leave this dark place,
the dream was no longer there to chase.
I made my decision go back home,
and I knew I wouldn't be alone.
Tick went the clock,
and I
                                        to walk...

One of my favorite photography pieces that I call,
"The Sands of Time"
xo Aishah Ansari


  1. I like your poem Aishah and look forward to more through the month. I hope to also keep up the momentum of writing a poem a day for the month of October.

    1. Hi Marian! It's a pleasure to dedicate more time to writing! Thank you for your kind words!

      You will, and if you ever fall behind just catch up -- I can't wait to read your work!

  2. I like the rhythm of this piece. Visiting from OctPoWriMo.

  3. I like the rhythm of this piece. Visiting from OctPoWriMo.


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