Aishah Ansari

Strength, You Do Have It

October 12, 2016

Day 12 of  #OctPoWriMo
Prompt: Strength

Strength, You Do Have It

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Strength is determined in numerous ways.
Can you lift?
Can you take a hit?
Can you bare a burden?
Then all of a sudden,
It takes a toll on your mind,
it can be hard to define.
It takes a toll on your body,
are you able to tell somebody?
It takes a toll on your soul,
then, you aim for your goal.
Strength is about how much you can take,
not about how much you make.
Strength is getting up in mornings,
and taking on what the day brings.
Strength is believing in yourself,
and asking for help.
Strength is knowing when you need to pause,
and even when you don't know the cause.
Strength is about knowing your weakness
and knowing when to say yes.
Strength is about leaning on your support,
and never selling yourself short.
Strength is about knowing who you are,
and knowing to always reach for the stars.
Strength is determined in numerous ways.
Can you make that play?
Can you take a minute to pray?
Strength is asking yourself,
Do you know you can do it?
Do you believe you can do it?
Strength is about knowing that you do have it.
xo Aishah Ansari


  1. A powerful poem.
    I suppose I'm strong because I'm still here despite everything that's tried to end me.
    Many times I'd rather be happy than strong.

    1. Thank you Cara!

      You are stronger. We are our biggest critics -- if you're happy with where you are, then you've had the strength to get through whatever tried to end you. Believe in yourself & be happy :)



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