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Payless Shoe Haul

March 31, 2017

I know, I know - the amount of time I have been away is absolutely ridiculous and nothing I say can make it better. Actually, that's a lie - because today I have an amazing SHOE HAUL to tell you about.

Before my trip of a lifetime with my BFF Nikki - (more to come) , we hit up the outlet mall and to much of our disappoint stores weren't in 'Spring Mode' like we were! After a day of constantly being let down, Payless came through. And by came through I mean Nikki walked away with 4 pairs of shoes, and I with 3! A few days after I went to a local Payless to snag a pair shoes I had my eye on, and sure enough, walked out with 4 pairs. Of course that would happen to me. BUT! as crazy as that sounds, each pair was $10-$25 not including the coupons I had! I introduced Nikki to one of my favorite shoes designer, Cristian Siriano who makes affordable NICE shoes for Payless, he also has a line of bridal dresses at Kleinfeld. Now, let's get back into the swing of things and swing into action shall we?

Here are the flats I snagged they were $10-$15 without my using a coupon.
/ Taupe Flats are the perfect neutral, but with the texture they look a lot more fancy than the $$. I've been wearing these at work quite a bit lately, with black slacks, and even indigo! 
/ Faux Grey Suede with a touch of faux snakeskin are the perfect pair of statement flats. They are bold enough, yet subtle in color that it is sure to perk up your outfit. Wear it on dark denim or even slacks!
/ Black flats do a different texture and shape, but my holy grail Forever21 flats have finally given out after at least 2+ years. These are comfortable, and held up in a rain storm earlier this week!
/ Faux Denim: these are soft and have a little bit of sparkle to them. These are definitely statement shoes. I plan on wearing these on black skinnies or black slacks, with a nice white top paired with some blue jewelry.
Next up, are some block heels by Brash, an exclusive Payless brand
/ Brown & Black Brash Block Heel: I absolutely loved the black so I bought them in brown too! 
 These were great for Cali nights out! And are actually really comfortable, the caged straps do not dig into my feet at all throughout the night!
Lastly, I picked up these 'high-top' sneakers by Brash as well.
/ Brash Hidden Wedge Zip-Up High tops: These shoes have a hidden wedge, are so comfortable, and as my cousin said when she saw me in them 'so L.A.' I love that these dress up my look, but I'm still casual! They have these tiny 'holes' in them throughout the design, so my feet are actually able to breathe throughout the day.

How would you style any of these shoes?
 Check out to see if you can still snag some of these shoes before their fall collection is completely sold out!
xo Aishah Ansari

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  1. I rarely find flats actually comfortable, but the Cristian Siriano flats are amazing! The gray ones look really nice!


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