Aishah Ansari

This Love

May 28, 2017

But you're young - I am told
So do I truly understand love? 
To have a hand to hold,
Do I know what love is? 
It was a deep friendship, 
a shoulder to lean on,
someone there at my fingertip.
That is now gone.
Caring for someone unconditionally, 
whether they are sick, well, or stressed. 
It sometimes require one to wait patiently.
So I grew and adapted, that's what my experience showed. 
Two individuals with a connection
Some things unspoken, but mutual respect 
I thought there was a clear direction.
No one needed to be checked
Sure a fight here and there
But in it for the long haul no matter the stresses to bear.
Then, I was sacrificing myself 
Where did you go? 
You left me hanging, 
You left me hurting. 
Maybe it was time for me to go.
It was a love only I knew. 
What followed has been a loss, a hurt, a pain.
I never knew I could feel.
I don't know if you'll return again.
But I know everything we had was real.
This love has taught me,
has opened my eyes.
As we said our goodbyes
 our hearts were breaking.
I just want to feel the same again,
this love...

xo Aishah Ansari

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