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Chaos Chronicles: Hurricane Harvey

August 28, 2017

How are you? Sorry for my disappearance from the web. I know I have been super MIA. Does starting a new job count as an excuse? Okay, no it doesn’t uh..what about a hurricane? Tornadoes? Several tropical storms? Yeah? Well, thanks. {Not that I need anyone's permission} In case you forgot, I am in Texas and smack in the middle of where all the hurricane/tornadoes/tropical storms are taking place. It's time to be 100% honest, uncensored. I'm going to be completely open with you guys  So, without further ado I present to you
I was dreading it being a Monday + having to work from home {it's a good thing and a bad thing to have such a flexible job}. As annoyed as I was to be working, throughout the day I realized I need to count my blessings twice. I wrote this from the comfort of a dinning room table. My aunt was in the kitchen cooking. My cousin working away on his laptop. I had a nice cup of coffee, and some cinnamon raisin toast. Neighbors were going to shelters so my cousin’s wife gave some of our canned food and water to donate because we are lucky and our power has not gone out. I am so, so, so blessed that I have family north of where I live that were all willing to take my sister and I in, as well as my cat. My other cousin is unfortunately allergic. I am lucky to have family spread out, and their doors and hearts are always open.
Although this is reported as the worst flooding in the history of America, I do have to give the first responders and city mad props for rescuing so quickly, doing evacuations, and neighboring cities for helping out too. At least 10 have lost their lives, 300,000+ are without power, and many, many homes are gone. Things in a home can be replaced. But lives cannot. Going through this hurricane has really opened my eyes about being prepared, lending a hand, and keeping my faith strong. Homes have broken, lives have been lost, but our spirit and faith may be shaken, but it is not broken. I have numerous family friends that are in shelters. A very close friend who would have lost everything if they hadn't trekked out in the high waters to their home to move their belongings to the second floor.
Even though I was salty to be working, but as I call it a day, I am lucky to have been able to work today {even if it is a Monday. I am lucky to have been able to wake up today. I am lucky to have been able to eat today, be with family, and even write this. Sending prayers and warm wishes to all those who need it. Hurricane Harvey, or Tropical Storm Harvey although we Texans are known for our hospitality, you have, without a doubt overstayed your welcome.
xo Aishah Ansari

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