Aishah Ansari

The Sun Will Come Out

August 30, 2017

The Sun overlooks Galveston, TX
The Sun Will Come Out
The sun peeks out after five dark days,
From a young age, we are taught to not hate,
I pray, that the light is here to stay.
My heart is heavy as we wait.
Water is something we cherish,
We are taught it is a necessity for survival.
Without it we would perish.
But these days, water is the rival
I watch the news and hear of my loved that have had to evacuate.
Harvey, you have wreaked havoc upon my city.
To be our own homes, we must wait.
The amount of water is an absolute monstrosity. 
From a hurricane to tornadoes to storms, there has been end in sight.
You have washed away ten lives, destroyed thousand of homes, and taken countless belongings,
And just as my hope starts to waiver, we see a light,
Even in the worst of times, we will continue to strive, survive.
The comfort of home we are longing.
But, in the debris Texans have found hope.
With us are lending, of all colors and sizes.
 Blessed with thoughts and prayers from around the globe
Despite the gray skies, our community continuously rises.
Just like the sun is  starting to shine bright, 
Our faith is slowly restoring with might.
We have weathered the storm and again, the sun will come out.
xo Aishah Ansari

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