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Chaos Chronicles: Part III

December 27, 2017

Hey love-cats, I know in my last post I dumped a lot on you guys. Don't know what I'm talking about? Go back and read this, then come back. All caught up? Awesome! Lots of change, right? To be honest, I have shocked myself at how I have been adjusting to this transition. I know once I am living on my own, things may will change but we'll cross that hurdle when and if it comes, right? Here are a few of my personal tips and tricks that have kept me sane during this transition + the holidays!

brush-fonts  Making lists helps me stay organized. I have 2 planners, one is for work where I make lists of what I need to do the next day, training, etc. + the use of Outlook helps as well. My second planner is compact enough that I can carry it with me and in there I notate my personal events, brunches planned, people's birthdays, etc. Google Calendar on my phone is there at the touch of my fingertips for appointments and such. All the colors I use in Google Calendar correspond to my hand-written planner. There's just something about hand writing things... I love the Google Keep app, it allows me to pin important lists, like packing essentials that I just add to depending on the type of trip I'm going on. It's helped me with remembering things I need to get done every week, gifts, errands to run. Lately, I have been creating an explore list that has places I want to check in and around Dallas!  I have also been using spreadsheets to help me stay organized for my big move to my own place. I have different tabs for each room, in each tab I have the things I need to purchase and the level of priority, price, and place I intend to buy it from, or in some cases, where I have already purchased from. This has allowed me to stay well within my budget for furnishing my apartment! I try to stay just as organized and neat I am at work at home. Having my own place with more space is definitely going to help!

brush-fonts    Thanks to October Poetry Writing Month, I was able to channel my emotions into writing. I am sane and in a good place because I have been able to write on my own time and when I needed it most. Many times, I'll just write out my thoughts even in an email, and save it as a draft.. I forget about it and stumble upon it a month later with absolutely no clue as to what it pertained to, and just like that it's deleted.

brush-fonts    I am not the healthiest person out there, let's get that our first. I don't exercise {yet}, which I will get into later and I may or may not be eating a donut while writing this. With all that said, an early morning means a light breakfast of toast or something of the sort. I have a filling lunch around 11:30/12. Lunch is usually a salad with a protein, sometimes long-grain rice with meat veggies, etc. Dinner is typically at  5:30pm because of the kiddos. Dinner is usually a protein with veggies, and an occasional small side of carbs. I don't mind it because it puts me on a schedule. With balanced meals I am snacking less. I am now at a healthy weight!

brush-fontsHaving a regular 8-hour day helped me fall into a routine pretty quickly. Outside of work, after dinner I take time to talk to my family back home and then of course time to wind down. I'll do my skin-care routine, brush my teeth, whiten, sometimes a face-mask or my nails, and of course catch up on shows. I am finally watching The Office, correction -- binge-watching.

* * * *

This past year has been an absolute roller coaster. To think the year started off with me still in school, then I graduated, life happened, had a job, a hurricane hit home, life stresses, then picking up and moving my entire life and starting a new job. So far I am enjoying this transition and change in life, and am really excited to see what the new year brings! One thing I know for sure, is that the year is going to kick off with more change, but honestly, I can't wait!

xo Aishah Ansari

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