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December 30, 2017

Here are {some of} my top moments of 2017 in pictures of course!

top left: Escape Room for my birthday with family & friends
top right: Starting a new part-time job while still in school!
bottom left: Going to Cali with my BFF for our spring break aka her bachelorette + our {early} graduation gift to ourselves
bottom right: living our Vanderpump Rules dream and eating at SUR!
top left: My cousin getting hitched! Which meant a HUGE family reunion
top right: Being recognized & featured in my Business School's magazine!
bottom left: GRADUATING!!!
bottom right: My Best Friend's Wedding! 
top left: My full-time job!
top right: random family moments :) 
bottom right: Star Wars Marathon with some amazing people :) 

top left: My other cousin getting hitched!
top right & bottom left: Getting to spend the most time with my sweet cat before she left
bottom right: Receiving an awesome job offer + Moving! 

top left: Halloween in a new city
top right: Bonding with my family in the new city
bottom left: Going home for Thanksgiving
bottom right: Adventures! 

top left: Getting bangs!
bottom left: Being able to furnish my apartment --> living with family in the meantime #blessed
Right: Realizing I have too many 'top' moments this year, so I'm super grateful. 

Not pictured:
My family being supportive
Meeting new people
Surviving & Being safe from Hurricane Harvey
xo Aishah Ansari

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