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DIY: Center Piece

February 16, 2018

You know me, I like the fancier things in life. Doesn't mean I can afford them though. I am still paying off student loans, and settling into a new place in a new city! So, when it came time to pick a center piece I knew that I would know 'the one' when I saw it. Welp, after months of searching... I didn't find it. So, I made my own!

My BFF came up last weekend, and we went on a HUNT. I mean five different places ya'll. Here's what I found

  • Wooden Box: Nebraska Furniture Mart $10
  • Glass Vase: Frisco Mercantile $6.99
  • Poloroid Camera: Frisco Mervantile $24 (pictured below)
  • Neutral mini Vases: Hobby Lobby $1.19
  • Succulent: Hobby Lobby $1.19 (thank you coupons)

For a total of: $43.99, I think it's a steal, because I can always change up the succulents and what's inside the box.  All together with the camera, it adds color, a bit of 'nature', and personality to my neutral, modern living room.

What DIYs have you done?
xo Aishah Ansari

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