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Weekending: A Bit of Everything

April 1, 2018


Good Monday Morning Lovecats! I'm gonna skip all the formalities, and just jump right into it! This past weekend, I needed to really reevaluate a few things, but most importantly the way I spend my time. Many of you know I'm OCD and I like when things have a plan, so when life threw a curve ball at me about a week ago, I was a mess. (to put it lightly). Although this weekend was busy, I still processed a lot and gave myself time to heal. Going through rough patches in life is normal. When I needed to cry, I cried. When I needed to talk to someone, I talked, andwhen I felt I needed to write, I wrote. So here's what I did this weekend to make sure this week is waaay better than last.

I knew I couldn't let myself go to my apartment and get wrapped up in my thoughts, so before heading to a sushi dinner. I browsed some shops and caught up with one of my best college buddies on the phone. Dinner was great at Sushi Sake, and it was quite authentic too! It was great getting to talk to my friend that I reconnected with after my move. I came home and watched some Merlin before crawling into bed.

I woke up, ran a bunch of errands, and joined my aunt at the mall. I scoured the clearance rack to find work clothes for her and forced her try on tops (that's what you get when you go shopping with me) - it was a win-win situation. I picked up a few things from Banana and we grabbed a bite to eat at a Mediterranean grill & just like that it was 6pm. I enjoyed a quite evening of catching up on shows I missed during the week and staying unplugged from my phone.

I woke up early, as to not throw off my weekly schedule, and just planned out the week in my head. I stayed off my phone quite a bit on Sunday too! I of course, watched Merlin as I got ready and headed off to First Watch to meet my family friends for brunch. We ate, and talked before heading back to hang out. I headed home and did my usual semi-meal prepping, and started with my usual Sunday routine.

What did you do this weekend? Head over to my Instagram from some #MondayMotivation! 
xo Aishah Ansari

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