Aishah Ansari

Kate Spade

June 5, 2018

Kate Spade,
More than just a brand
A person who shall never fade. 
A true talent in the fashion industry 
For new trends, she held the key.
The only name brand bag I own,
a style I have now known.
Unique colors, patterns, and shapes,
From handbags to shoes and even drapes
She created so many choices, 
 dressing up became about voices. 
The first name brand I ever bought for myself,
I stare at sitting on the shelf.
With witty words, inspiring quotes,
her life has come to close.
a life cut short
lives on in her art.
Kate Spade,
a woman who's legacy shall live on.

Kate Spade 
December 24, 1962 - June 5, 2018
Rest in Peace. 

Some of my favorite witty words by Kate Spade

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xo Aishah Ansari

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