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SHEIN Review

July 27, 2018

I admit, I am late to the game...but better late than never right? I admit I am late to the game, but better late than never, right? Well, whatever.
I spent days looking at stuff I liked because they have so. much. frickin. cute. stuff! Don't believe me? Check it out for yourself. About 2 weeks ago I made a purchase from SHEIN and it came in the mail in about 5-7 days ( I don't really remember) but it wasn't late, and I know I received it a day or two sooner than I thought I would. (win)
In true Aishah way - I was skeptical. I thought it would all be super cheap material, color wouldn't look right, nor would the fit.
Here's what I purchased & my thoughts on each piece:


Blue in XSvia SHEIN
Okay, I am wearing this today, and omg LOVE. The powder blue shade is so in these days, this was super easy to steam/iron. I love that the sleeves are short sleeves, but not so short to where if I lift my arm you can see my arm pit, because let's face it - that's never cute.

PRICE: $8.50 / on sale for $7!
Ginger in XSvia SHEIN
I had been looking for a cute, loose mustard top since the color popped up around last spring. I found this one wit the scalloped sleeves and hem line. Super soft material, not sheer, and it's a win with the sleeves too! I want them in all the colors.

PRICE: $5.95Multicolor in XSvia SHEIN
It may look like a t-shirt but I can easily dress this up for sure. Again, this won in the design and department for me! This is something I can easily throw on the weekend while running errands


I was torn between what size to get, and I amso glad I didn't size up,  but it's super longgggg. Problems of being petite. Nothing a quick hem fix from my mom can't fix! It is a lot of layers of fabric because it's so delicate and would be completely sheer without an additional slip/lining. But when on it feels a lot lighter.

PRICE: 9.35 
Black & White in XS
Ruffle Waist Capri Pants
These are soooo comfy, I do wish though that the lining given to pockets was carried throughout the entire pants because it's definitely on the sheer side. I'll just have to remember to wear a longer top on this one! + it has POCKETS!

PRICE: $8.50Burgundy in S
OMG so comfy, super stylish, not sheer, love the material and color. There isn't anything about this I don't love. They don't fit me like capri pants (which I like, they fit me like ankle pants)

Because I'm so tiny, the XS look a tad bit baggy on me, with the right pair of heels, I'm sure it'll look fine altogether!
PRICE: $18.70Navy in XS

Overall, I am extremely impressed and happy with my purchases from SHEIN, I think reading reviews on the sizes/sizing chart was accurate for me across the board!
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xo Aishah Ansari

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