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That's Cold Brew + Giveaway

September 6, 2018


I personally prefer iced/cold coffee over warm, especially in these never ending hot Texas summer days. Minus when it's PSL season, of course. (But I found a quick fix for that too!) I have the absolute pleasure on working with That's Cold Brew - a Houston based company that's making it easier to make your own cold brew at home! I've teamed up with That's Cold Brew to give away one lucky follower their very own Cold Brew Starter Kit! Cold Brew wasn't invented yesterday, contrary to popular belief. With the craze for cold brew on a high Brad & Henning at That's Cold Brew saw in 2017 how they could share the devices they used daily and love of coffee to our community, more specifically my kitchen!

The Cold Brew Starter Kit comes with an original glass cold brew bottle which is so slick and oh so aesthetically pleasing, this includes the filter along with 12oz of specialty sing-origin cold brew coffee- ground and ready to use!

The box that the bottle comes in has more detailed instructions
  • add coffee grounds to the ridge of the filter, seal filter
  • put the filter into the bottle (it'll stop at the top)
  • slowly pour your water through I used a measuring cup with a spout on it to avoid spills, since I am spill-prone! Fill the bottle up to the grooves on the filter
  • put the lid on, and into the fridge it goes!
The bottle let's you keep the filter in it, so you can brew it over night, remove the filter in the morning, add ice, milk, and sweeter(s) as your heart desires, and you're good to go!

Since I would like to not be jumping off the walls at 8am at work, I use a strainer and pour half of the cold brew over some milk that I froth up with a dash a Hazelnut syrup! I also found Starbs PSL Creamer at Kroger, so I'm having the best of both worlds right now.

Because of this kit, I have coffee ready to get in the morning, and cuts my time down. It's great to start refill in the morning or even during lunch and knowing I can brew up another batch - I'm in love! Thanks Brad & Henning + the rest of the That's Cold Brew Team for making my mornings easier and cold brew stronger! So how do you get to enter into this awesome giveaway?


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