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DIY at Home Spa

October 15, 2018

The Calories from the weekend don't count... right?

If only this were true! about a month ago, my best friend came into town and I planned a mini at-home spa. Y'all said you wanted to tips & tricks so here they are! I knew that the BFF, N and I had a lot to catch up on but there are also certain things we have to do because it's tradition, DUHH! We obviously catch one another up on the past 3-4 months in detail. & no matter what we:
make chai, (NO, not chai tea) that's tea-tea. Really good, strong, masala chai.
At-home manicures
Eat food
Watch a bollywood movie
Try out new Face mask(s)
Eat Food

So here's what I did to prep for this for our mini-at home spa weekend: 

Create your own cocktail/mocktail

Since I don’t drink, I thought it would be fun to have refreshing water/fun ice cubes to pair with ginger-ale. N and I love lemon water. I bought these off of amazon and you can put any fruit you want in them, and then top off with water! The lemon + strawberry tasted SO GOOD with ginger-ale.
I also made some with Cucumber and lemon. N & I were pleasantly surprised by this 'gram worthy mocktail and enjoyed it all weekend all.

You guessed it - we painted our nails, while masking & watching a Bollywood movie. Talk about mutli-tasking, am I right?! We watched Dil Dhakhane Do. a classic, modern twist on a dysfunctional Indian family! Love this movie and not just because Priyanka Chopra's name is Aishah ;)  I opted for a dark metallic purple called Sexy Divide by Essie. N went with a dark metallic blue by ZOYA. 
We also enjoyed some delicious macaroon ice-cream sandwiches from a nearby restaurant. We loved them so much that we brought some back to indulge in for night 3!
Face Masks
Night two consisted on some MUCH NEEDED, face masks. We tried out the Boscia Charcoal Mask, and OMG this thing is amazing and has made it's way into my skincare routine. A mask that comes off all in one piece? Check. A mask that really does draw out any impurities? Check. 
The next night Nikki tried out one of the yesto masks that bubble on the outside, let's say its a fun mask but she didn't really see immediate results, but it was fun! 

There were still many things N and I didn't get to do during our time. This goes to show how easy it is to do an at-home spa!
xo Aishah Ansari

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