Aishah Ansari

The Black Dog

October 4, 2018

The Black Dog 
I see the black dog,
I freeze.
Don't panic,
don't make sudden movements.
It can sense the fear. 
I look around,
no one was there to warn me.
Did I miss the 'Beware of Dog' sign?
So much changed, my mind has been all over the place,
of course I knew The Black Dog was near,
just not this close. 
It starts to growl. 
What can I do now? 
Think, think,
okay I need a plan.
What helps me?
Writing, Running, Crying.
Any of them will do.
I'm terrified, but I walk towards the black dog, 
It growl even more,
But as I get closer, it realizes I am not afraid,
The dog whimpers, 
tries to back away after it has tormented me.
I quickly put him back on his leash, 
and tie it to the tree.
I run, I've escaped....
It's only a matter of time,
before it escapes and comes looking for me again. 

October Poetry Writing Month
Day 4: Strange Animals
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xo Aishah Ansari

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