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Black Friday & Cyber Monday Deals

November 30, 2018

Hi ya'all! How the heck are ya?! I know it's been a minute. This is the first year in I think 4 or 5 that I did not complete October Poetry Writing Month. Writing 31 poems in 31 days was difficult for me in October. I was going through a rough patch with work which ended up affecting me overall. But don't worry, I am back and am working on so many exciting things for you guys!

I wanted to share with you what I bought this past Black Friday/Cyber Monday!

Weighted Blanket
I'm falling asleep quicker which means no more late night tossing and turning and then getting up for a snack!
YnM Weighted Blanket
Holiday Dress
With holiday parties around the corner I wanted something that would look cute with leggings and still be 'festive'! 
SHEIN Mock Neck Glitter Dress
I've been on the hunt for a speaker/sound bar and some techies I know suggested SONOS so I ordered the Beam: The Smart Soundbar which has Amazon Alexa too! It's so easy to turn  [hue] lights on and off, the TV, and now play music through my phone. (okay yeah I'm lazy) Did I mention they come and set up EVERYTHING for you?
Sonos Beam 

Glass Latte Mugs
Coffee is amazing, but when it looks pretty I enjoy it even more. I picked up 4 glass Latte mugs by Libby from Bed Bath & Beyond. 

Kitchen Aid Hand Mixer
I've made a few things where I wish I had a hand mixer, so this one seemed perfect.
KitchenAid Digital Hand Mixer

Nerf Guns
When you work in marketing, there are always Nerf Gun Fights Wars. I have apparently declared war against a specific coworker so I knew just any Nerf gun wasn't gonna fly. I snagged 3 of these for $10 (two for home for fun with friends)
Nerf Zombie Strike FlipFury Blaster

Yoga Mat
I want to be able to get some exercise before getting ready for work. Since I have hard wood floors, I needed a yoga mat. I can even use it on my patio!

Balance Yoga Mat with Strap
Nespresso Pods
Well obviously I needed to stock up on Coffee when there's a sale.. duh
Nespresso in Intenso

What did you snag this past Black Friday & Cyber Monday?

xo Aishah Ansari

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