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Lip Lab: by Bite Beauty

February 4, 2019

On my trip to NYC two weeks ago, I got to do something incredible. That is visit the Bite Beauty Lip Lab and create not one but two custom lipsticks! You can make an appointment or walk-in. I was lucky that it was a chilly day so they weren't as busy as they normally are. 
I opted for their BESPOKE Lip Service!

I was greeted by oh-so-sweet advisor. She explained the process: 
To start off we used the {rightfully hyped] Cherry Lip Scrub, followed by the Agave Lip Mask - we wiped it off to try out the shades as we created them! She also told me from the beginning to be thinking of names for my shades - the pressure is real because you don't get a re-do. I knew immediately what I wanted my first shade to be. 
 I have been mixing about 3 different shades to get the perfect nude that doesn't make me look washed out. Measuring the types of brown and pink that went into this were very important. 
'Not So Basic' took about 3-4 rounds to perfect. Adding more pink-rosey shades or a little more brown. It really does come down to a science. 

Next up - I wanted to create something special for my upcoming special day. I knew the name - KHANSARI. I opted for a deep red, more maroon. Matte- but still a bit of shine was a nice surprise!

Once the measurement of each pigmented are perfected, it's made into your lipstick in a few steps. It goes into an industrial mixer that mixes and melts all the shades together, then into the mold. As it sits in the mold for about 20 minutes they etch your lipstick with YOUR custom name. After the process and receiving your lipsticks, your color information is stored so you can re-order your perfect shades whenever you want! 

In your gift bag you receive:
Mini Agave Lip Mask, Mini Line & Define Primer, Mini Whipped Cherry Lip Scrub
plus your two lipsticks custom made and named, wrapped up!

Bottom: Not So Basic 

I knew I wanted to be able to create the perfect nude for my skin tone. I have been mixing about 3-4 different rose and brown lip products. I decided to name this shade Not So Basic.
Next up, I wanted something for my upcoming wedding! I knew I'll be wearing some sort of deep red/maroon.

What unique colors would you make?!
xo Aishah Ansari

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