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The Proposal

February 26, 2019

...and he got down on one knee and said those 4 words...
I was convinced there was a networking event for his friend's company.
After a month of telling him that it was suspicious for a company to do an event after the winter holidays but still before new year's didn't make sense to me. His response to that was a flyer and email sent from his friends' co-worker. All the details about this 'networking event/holiday party' were in that email - he and his friends couldn't possibly be that clever. Could they? I had bought a new 'cocktail attire' dress even because I didn't have one that was for the holidays! Obviously. There was a fake email and flyer for this event created. He had gone to my parents and asked for my hand in marriage, and received my dad's approval of the ring too. 
December 26. 2018. 
We agreed to carpool - because welp a networking event in downtown meant that parking was going to be pricey. So, I rode with Julian to UH - because FK had [supposedly] been working there because he doesn't get work done at his apartment. It all made sense to me. 
The University of Houston, Melcher Hall, Auditorium 180

Upon arriving at UH - I admit I thought he was going to propose but I wasn't sure. He was asking me to come inside instead of us just picking him from outside, and I put a bit of a fight on that one. :D 
After me being difficult, I went inside…I stood outside the auditorium we met there a sign outside the door about Our Love Story…
I walked through the doors of the auditorium of where we first met.
The aisle of the auditorium was filled with rose petals, as I walked towards the front, there he stood in a Green blazer with a red tie. There was a table with the STATS book he taught me out of, a rose, and some stats related jokes between the two us on it. {yes, he really was my Stats Tutor in college}.
 He played a slideshow he created of pictures of US, and me and my family - a story about me…things he saw as my accomplishments, milestones, accompanied by the tune of Marry Me by Train.

He got down on one knee, and I was shaking. He had a sweet speech prepared which I honestly hardly remember… and then he got down on knee and asked me the question. There was a photographer hidden towards the back of the auditorium and we posed for some pictures.
And then we actually did have an event to go to!
The 'event was on the rooftop of the Le Méridien…. 
But when we got there it was empty. He knew we would want some nice pictures from the evening and had rented it out so we had some pictures  that weren't in our college auditorium and these pictures are stunning.

xo Aishah Ansari

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