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MIND Your Health Part III

September 9, 2019

This is MIND Your Health Part III, although this doesn't exactly fall into place with the first two parts, I want to talk to you about my current situation.
I'm not okay.
But I will be!
I will not apologize for having emotions.
To say the last few months have been rough is an understatement. Self-care isn't being selfish it's making sure you're at your best so you can show up for yourself and others. So, here are some things I have been doing to help me feel better, even if it's a little bit, because all of this does affect my overall mental well being.
Taking care of my skin
Is my skin at its best? No, it's not, but I cannot change the things that are beyond my control!
Being cautious of what I eat 
I am not entirely happy with the way I look, but by watching what I eat, and working out I am making the effort to see the change I want.
Creating New Content 
We all go through mind-blocks and creative ruts, but lately I've been pushing myself to pick up my camera and really create consistently. 

Trying my hand at calligraphy
This is so much harder than I thought it would be! Calligraphy takes a steady hand, time, and patience - 3 things I am working on!

My sleep schedule is all over the place and I am okay with that. I am lately sleeping earlier and waking up earlier, but there were days that I would sleep at 4am and wake up super late the next day, and yes, I do have those days (like today) where I  want to spend the entire day in bed & that's okay.
As you know,  writing is very therapeutic for many including myself. Whether it's a blog post such as this one, it's also a way to just dump all my thoughts onto paper and feel lighter afterwards.
Reaching Out
Most importantly I've been reaching out to those I really need.
My fiance, new friends, family, and other people who are a part of my support system.
Also, crying. I am a crier, and I know there's a big ugly cry coming that will definitely help me feel better. 
xo Aishah Ansari

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