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Spill the Tea: October Edition

October 9, 2019

Sipping and Spilling the Tea 
To be honest, I am not a HUGE fan of subscription boxes, I always end up with products I am not interested in trying or I already have something similar. So, it can feel like a waste of money. But, when I found out there was a Tea subscription box, and no not the tea that’s spilled over youtubers and celebs, the actual kind you drink! 
The amount of customization, minimalistic packaging, and personalization is what completely sold me on Sips By!
This month I got to try out:
🌱 Pukka Herbs Three Mint Tea
🍊 The Republic of Tea Orange Blossom Tea 
🌸Asheville Tea Co. Chamomile  & Lavendar
✨ Stash Tea Organic Gold Cup Chai

About Sips By
"Sips by is an Austin-based startup founded by a small group of tea lovers who want discovering tea to be fun, personalized, and affordable. 
When you subscribe to Sips by's tea discovery box — the only personalized, multi-brand tea subscription! — we match you with a tea expert who learns your tastes and sends you 4 unique teas to try each month.  Each box is truly unique to your preferences!" 
Use code: SIPS50 for 50% OFF
xo Aishah Ansari

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