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MIND Your Health: Social Distancing

April 21, 2020

Social distancing has swept the nation during the COVID-19 crisis, and each of has a critical role to play.  With the sudden shift in what is our reality, let's talk about the elderly, Generation Z, and just everyone in general, shall we? Let's find out what we can do to help.

Be There For Elders
This is already difficult because social isolation is already a problem for the elderly. Be there for them in as many ways as you can because whether they admit it or not, they are scared. Elders need extra protection, the virus doesn't only "only affect" the old and sick. People with weak immune systems need extra protection and love. Check in regularly with those affected, offer to get their groceries or medicine. Being there for others helps with anxiety! 

Stay Home, Seriously.
Everyone, should really not be out in public unless it is absolutely necessary. I, for example. still have to go into work until we have remote access set up. Also, this some glamorous 'extended spring break' just because flights are so cheap, you do realize why they are so cheap, right? Throwing 'Corona Virus' parties/get-togethers is insensitive. No, I'm not sorry that your spring break is ruined.

Limit News Intake
Let's face it there is an extremely thin line between being informed and living with a constant nagging fear, anxiety, and panic. Know the facts, not the rumors. That means actually read the news article not just the headline. Make sure you're getting information from credible sources and listen to the public health experts who are doing their best to help navigate the path. They are on the front lines of all this.

Keep 'In Touch'
There are so many other ways to talk about how you're feeling with others. Connect with friends, family, and loved ones through video, phone calls, texting, and even email. We always forget the meaning of a handwritten letter. By 'opening the door' and letting others know you are there for them, means the world. Go deeper into conversations with those you know who struggle with anxiety, panic disorders, depression, and other mental health issues. Find out if they are keeping to a regular routine., This is very important in keeping anxiety at bay.

If you feel overwhelmed, talk to someone, aa mental health professional that can assist you in coping with the Corona Virus anxiety. Many are able to talk via phone and even video chat due to the current crisis. 
xo Aishah Ansari

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